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The instant dial service has been discontinued.


The VoIP service is actually much more than just VoIP.
You can register your mobile number with them then from your account, then call the access number on the Calling Card page of the VoIP service dashboard. Like the Instant Dial service, once you have called that access number, you then dial the number you wish to call. The difference here is that the cost comes from your VoIP balance, rather than the service charge applied to your phone bill (and there's no access charge to pay). There is no need to maintain separate balances for VoIP and Calling Card usage, the one balance is shared. For international destinations you call regularly, you can register a Local Number, this is an 03 number (inclusive on landline and mobile calling plans) which, when called from your registered phone(s), will transparently connect to the international destination, with the cost of the international call taken from your VoIP balance.
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