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VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol - is how you can use your computer to place very cheap phone calls.
Matrix Dial, through Localphone, can offer some of the cheapest rates available for cheap international calls, starting at just 0.5 pence per minute with no connection fees. While we focus on international calling, we can also offer UK landline calls at 0.8 pence per minute and UK mobiles at 6p/min. Calls to other Localphone users are completely free.
Line quality is crystal clear as it is digital all the way from your computer right up to the point where the call is transferred to the phone network, often in the country you are calling. But don't take our word for it, join for free and we'll even give you a free call of up to 5 minutes to try the service for yourself.
To use VoIP, you need a broadband internet connection (ADSL, Cable, student room connection) and either a USB VoIP handset (often branded for Skype) or a headset with microphone that can be plugged in either by USB or into the headphone and microphone sockets on your computer - or a hardware SIP phone. Software is available to download for Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux and Android. However, any third-party SIP software will work with the service, and of the available ones we've heard the best reports for Linphone, available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Android, iPhone and even one in development for WebOS. A set-up guide is coming soon.
This service is particularly good for students, whose rooms may have internet but no phone line - or even if there is a phone it will be much more expensive. Incoming numbers are available from just 90p per month, and are available in 48 countries (and iNum numbers are available at no charge at all!), so your family and friends can call you without the cost of calling abroad.
Prices shown here appear slightly higher than those on the Localphone website, theirs are shown excluding VAT, the VAT is charged at the time of adding credit to your account. For example, a £5 credit will be charged at £6 (£5 + 20% VAT), your account will be credited with £5, and your calls will then be deducted from your balance at their displayed excluding-VAT rates.

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