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Cheap calls to Vatican City (Dialling code 00-379)
From your computer, local shortcuts or as a calling card: click here to sign up
Call landlines in Vatican City from your computer for just 1p/minute
Call mobiles in Vatican City from your computer for just 1p/minute
with no connection fees or access number charges when called using your computer or smartphone app using WiFi or 3G/4G. And we'll even give you a free call to try the service out with no obligation!
As a calling card or dial-through numbers, access is via an 03 number which is inclusive on mobile and landline calling plans, and does not require the use of a broadband internet connection.
This service also works with SIP-capable WiFi devices, including Android phones and the Apple iPhone - that way you're not tied to your PC!
When this service is used as VoIP it requires a broadband or Wi-Fi connection, and rates are valid ANYWHERE in the world, a great way to avoid those roaming charges!

Prices last updated on 2019-10-04

For comparison, Skype charge 3.2p/min with connection fee 8.1p (mobile 3.2p, connection 8.1p). Prices last updated on 2018-06-27.
BT charge 80p/min (mobile 80p) with connection fee 22p on domestic lines without any international add-ons. Prices last updated on 2017-08-07.

  • NO contracts to sign. NO long-term tie-ins. NO credit/debit card required for landline or mobile service. NO extra bill to pay.
Prices correct on 2018-06-27 , and include VAT.

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