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Cheap calls to Niue (Dialling code 00-683)
From your computer, local shortcuts or as a calling card: click here to sign up
Call landlines in Niue from your computer for just 49.8p/minute
Call mobiles in Niue from your computer for just 49.8p/minute
with no connection fees or access number charges when called using your computer or smartphone app using WiFi or 3G/4G. And we'll even give you a free call to try the service out with no obligation!
As a calling card or dial-through numbers, access is via an 03 number which is inclusive on mobile and landline calling plans, and does not require the use of a broadband internet connection.
This service also works with SIP-capable WiFi devices, including Android phones and the Apple iPhone - that way you're not tied to your PC!
When this service is used as VoIP it requires a broadband or Wi-Fi connection, and rates are valid ANYWHERE in the world, a great way to avoid those roaming charges!

Prices last updated on 2019-10-04

With the SIM card: click here get your free SIM card with £5 FREE on activation
Call landlines in Niue directly from your mobile for just 170p/minute
Call mobiles in Niue directly from your mobile for just 120p/minute
with no connection fees or access numbers - just direct dial.
This SIM requires an unlocked phone (or one locked to O2) to work in.
SMS anywhere worldwide is 8p (UK 5p), MMS 24p (UK 16p). Very competitive UK rates and bundles also available.
The UK rates shown are when when no bundle is purchased. The £10 bundle offers unlimited minutes and texts and 6GB data, minutes are valid for normal UK landline, mobile, 03 and 070 numbers.
Prices last updated on 2019-10-04

For comparison, Skype charge 97.4p/min with connection fee 7.7p (mobile 97.4p, connection 7.7p). Prices last updated on 2018-06-27.
BT charge 140p/min (mobile 140p) with connection fee 22p on domestic lines without any international add-ons. Prices last updated on 2017-08-07.

  • NO contracts to sign. NO long-term tie-ins. NO credit/debit card required for landline or mobile service. NO extra bill to pay.
Prices correct on 2018-06-27 , and include VAT.

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