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From 1st July 2015, the instant dial service (which uses 0844, 0871 and 09 access numbers) has changed. This is a direct result of OFCOM's latest intervention in the market, the cost of calls to these numbers have risen considerably. For example, the 0844 720 2122 access number which was previously charged at 1p/min + 15.97p connection fee from a BT line are now charged at 3p/min (service charge) + 10p/min (BT's access charge).

The mobile and VoIP services will continue unaltered, and both of these can be used from a landline like a calling card in addition to their primary objectives (mobile and computer calling respectively), and will show greater savings compared to the instant dial service.

We had earlier announced the shutdown of this service, however while our supplier continues to offer the service so will we, as in some situations even taking into account this new access charge the rates may still offer a saving compared to other options, depending on where you are calling.

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