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You could be earning extra money in only five minutes from now!

Earning money is very easy as an agent of Just Dial. Quite simply, all you have to do is tell other people about our cheap calls and excellent line quality!

Anyone can become a Just Dial agent - students, retired, full-time and part time workers, full-time mums. There is no cost to join or a membership fee, and how much you can earn is entirely up to you. There are some agents who make this a full-time business and can earn as much as £4000/month, while others can earn an extra £50/month just from recommending us to colleagues, friends and family.

Don't believe it's that simple? Let us show you:

  • It takes only five minutes to register as an agent, and it is completely FREE!
  • You will be allocated your own series of access numbers and can choose your keyword.
  • You recommend your own set of numbers and keyword to your friends, family and colleagues, or anyone else you might know who would benefit from our service.
  • Tell them how to make instant cheap calls using your access numbers or keyword.
  • Each time they make a call or top up using your keyword or numbers, you will earn commission for every minute or top-up text, paid monthly to your bank account. (Any amount less than £10 will be carried forward to the next month.)

We did say it was simple...

To find out more and to register free of charge click on the link below and click Apply Now.

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